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Yoga for mental health - Benefits

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Yoga for mental health - Benefits

Benefits of Doing Yoga for your mental health

We know that yoga helps in making the body more flexible, agile, active, and is good for weight management, among many other benefits for physical health. Let’s look at some effects of yoga on mental health as well.

Yoga Alleviates Depression

Yoga helps in improving the release of serotonin in the body – the mood controlling hormone. When the body goes into a more relaxed state, the brain releases more serotonin in the blood that alleviates the “blue feelings” in a person. This is why many psychiatrists and psychologists suggest their patients practice yoga.

It Decreases Anxiety and Stress Levels

Yoga helps in decreasing the symptoms of anxiety and stress. When we are practising certain positions in yoga, we are training our body and our mind to be inline and focus on the present moment. This helps us cultivate a sense of awareness of our surroundings and get rid of the thoughts and feelings that are deviating us from focusing on the ongoing activity.

Yoga Helps Improve Focus

During yoga, our bodies and minds have to be in certain positions for specific amounts of time and attain a well-balanced state of focus. On practising such skills regularly, our mind automatically starts to cultivate better clarity and an improved focus, which helps us to be more productive and alert in different tasks.