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Open-Ear Headphones Bluetooth Bone Conduction Glasses for Men and Women

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7*5.7*1.8 inches


0.1 lb

Speaker type

60mW 32Ω



Charging time


Battery capacity

250 mAh

Wireless distance

≥ 10m






1. Open-ear Bone Conduction

Headphones is different from tradition headphones. They keep you aware of surrounding, and meanwhile deliver sound directly to your inner ears by sending vibrations through the skull bones bypassing the eardrum to protect your hearing. CAUTION: For better listening experience, Item is not recommended for customer with bone conduction dB HL (hearing threshold) above 40db HL


2. Photochromic and Anti Blu-ray Lenses

the tint of lenses will automatically change based on sunlight/UV intensity when in outside (UV420 protection). When back in door, lenses will return clear. Blue light glasses blocks harmful blue-ray emitted from electronic devices screens.


3. Hand-Free Calling and Music

with this wireless smart glasses, you don’t have the hassles of picking up your phones while you are driving or jogging. The buttons in the frames provide easy access to control volume, answer/hangup call, switch songs, pause/replay music etc. For best listening experience, keeping Bluetooth devices at 50%-60% volume is recommended; maximum 100% volume may lead to sound leakage or echo during calling.


4. 4.1 Version Bluetooth and Dual Pairing

provides access to iOS/Android devices, like cell phones and laptop, and enables simultaneous dual Bluetooth devices pairing. 4.2 Bluetooth ensures fast&stable connection and up to 10 meters barrier-free wireless range. 


Our Story

Hoimo is a company specializing in outdoor sports equipment and apparel. Keeping enough exercise time each week is good for our physical and mental development. Let's get outdoors and get moving!



1) Q: Are these Bluetooth glasses heavy to wear?

    A: Not at all, they are just 0.1 lb. Very lightweight and fit is good. I bought for my mother.

2) Q: How long does the bluetooth glasses need to charge? And how long is the battery life?

    A: It can be fully charged within 2 hours. Can support 5-8 hours of conversation.