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Anti-fog Ski Goggles

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‎9.8 x 4.6 x 4 inches


0.32 lb



Sport Type ‎

Snow   Skiing

Special feature

Eye Protection/Skiing/Anti-fog/Windproof


1. Anti-fog Lens

The spherical design maximizes the field of vision, resists impact, and is anti-scratch, anti-fog and anti-ultraviolet.

2. Ventilation System

Vents can discharge hot air into cold air, alternating air for the user to keep comfortable.This product has excellent anti-fogging performance to keep the user's vision clear at all times.

3. High Elastic Band and Adjustable Buckle.

Good elasticity can better prevent slipping during exercise and better protect your safety. Adjustable buckle strap, so that you can also have a perfect and comfortable experience in sports.

4. Interchangeable Lens.

Open the lens clip left and right, hold the bottom of the lens with your left hand, press the middle and upper part of the lens with your right thumb, and pull upwards. Move the left hand to the left, drag the frame to the right with the right hand, and then open the snap lens under the rearview mirror from the edge.

Our Story

Hoimo is a company specializing in outdoor sports equipment and apparel. Keeping enough exercise time each week is good for our physical and mental development. Let's get outdoors and get moving!


1) Q: Are these for girls?

    A: The ski goggles fit for both girls and boys, you can choose the color what you like, and the lens Size: 9.84 inches (W) x 4.57 inches (H)

2) Q: How to install the lens.

    A: Place the lens on the frame and align it with the side clamp. Use your thumb to press the 5 joints into the corresponding holes in the frame until they are fully locked in place. Rotate the retaining clips on both sides of the goggles until they are secured in place.